Home grown: It’s okay to be scared.

I’ve had the privilege to meet up with some old friends over the past few months of me living here.

Friends that came from the same backyard.

You know that feeling? When you’ve moved to a new city and start a new life, and when you get to meet old friends after God knows how long? It’s as if nothing has changed. I felt that.

You see friends whom after moving, transformed so drastically and incredibly into something extraordinary.

It got me thinking, how did they do it? How did they start? Were they scared or anxious? Did they have a plan?

All these questions I ask myself thinking and hoping that they’d relate, which they do of course and to see them now and where they are at? Is such a game changer.

A good friend of mine whom I’ve known for a while now kick-started her career with simple blog. We got to know each other from church back in our home town of Miri and believe me, her glow up was legit.

Long story short, after she graduated high school she gathered all her courage to move to the west and basically started from the bottom and now she is working with industry giants. I mean, this girl came from writing a blog to working the scenes of KL Fashion week.

You guys can check her out here: Missalvy

This girl is also in this months female magazine as one of the 50 most beautiful people. That is a highly elevated level of success.

Another friend of mine started off as a barista in Starbucks from our home town and now he is styling models left and right, check out his adorably creative videos here: Hafreeze Amminuddin

This fella also is one of Female Magazines 50 most beautiful people.

Basically the point of me writing this post is, I’m sure at some point; they must’ve felt fear. Fear in all of its different shapes and sizes.

And to be honest I won’t be surprised if they still do feel fear at times, because I know I still do.

Someone special shared with me this post last night and I feel that it’s important to share it with you guys if you’re interested. If any of you are experiencing fear? In any form, have a look.

The Monster Named Fear

I get scared too, so so scared. Even when I perform. I’d hear people say…

“But you’ve done this thousands of times”

“You’ve sung in front of thousands”

“You’re so used to this, how are you always scared?”

But that’s the thing, fear doesn’t discriminate and it can just easily come out of no where and get the best of you.

But one good thing that can come out of all this is, with practice, persistence and follow through, the size of fear becomes smaller, the size of a shoe.

People around you will say no. They will find any reason to not see the potential you have in you and they will find ways to basically bring you down. This definitely doesn’t make things easy for success, but then again success isn’t suppose to come easy.

Most of the time, people advice us not to look back, but I occasionally do. To see how far I’ve come. So, how far have you walked? Because I believe you can go further.

And when your feet are tired? And your shoes are worn out, take a break and get yourself a brand new pair of Dr Martin’s and continue strutting.

Till next time,

Clinton Jerome Chua

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